Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

What is the AppInterN online portal and what is its aim?

The AppInterN (“Apprenticeship Inter-Network”) online platform hosts three national (Greek, Italian and Spanish) Career Hubs, aimed at facilitating students and graduates of Vocational Education and Training in their search for apprenticeships and internships, also helping them to develop their competences and skills thanks to a variety of educational/training and informational activities, as well as through their direct contact with the registered employers and Business Ambassadors.

What is the role of Business Ambassadors?

Business Ambassadors are experienced and recognised professionals, entrepreneurs or executives of businesses and organisations, chiefly from the local labour market. They play an intermediary role in the AppInterN online community, offering information to VET students/trainees and graduates about the current needs and trends of the labour market, as well as the prospects of business activity.


Who can become members of the AppInterN online community?

The following can register and become members of the AppInterN online platform:

  • Students of VET who are interested in finding internships.
  • Employers who wish to post advertisements for apprenticeships or internships;
  • Employers who are looking for apprentices and interns or who wish to hire VET graduates.
  • Employers or business executives who wish to become Business Ambassadors in the AppInterN community.
  • Municipalities, social partners and employer associations who wish to contribute to the promotion of the AppInterN online portal and its goals.
Can I search for jobs, apprenticeships or internships not only in the Greek Career Hub but also in the Italian and Spanish ones?

The aim of each national Career Hub is to facilitate the users’ search for internships or jobs at a national level. Thus, the Spanish users only have access to the databases of the Spanish Career Hub. However, they may browse the webpages of the Italian and Greek Career Hubs offering information about specific occupational specialties, developments in Vocational Education and Training and the labour market in the respective countries.

Why does the AppInterN online platform only provides information about a specific number of occupational specialties?

The piloting phase of the AppInterN online platform is about to be completed, offering information on a specific number of occupational specialties. However, the AppInterN platform is soon going to be enriched with information about all the specialties offered nowadays.

What is the cost of registering? And to use the job or internship search service?

Registering on the AppInterN portal is completely free for all roles: graduates, VET students, Business Ambassadors and businesses.

All services offered by AppInterN are completely free of charge, including: search for internships, students or VET graduates.

Can I register as a graduate or student if I am underage?

Yes, as long as you are currently enrolled in an Institute/School/Educational Centre/VET provider and you register under their supervision and authorisation.

What are the requirements to register as a school or VET provider? What if I have a company? How do I register if I am a student or a graduate?

To register as a VET provider, school or training centre, click on Register > Institutes and fill in the questionnaire with the following fields: name of the institution, address, contact details of the contact person and indicate which provinces you prefer.


To register as a Business Ambassador, click on Register> Business Ambassador and then fill in the form with the following fields: indicate whether you are registering as an individual or as a representative of a company, first and last name, address, website, contact details and preferred municipalities.


If you want to register with AppInterN as a company, click on Register>Employers or Businesses and fill in all the fields of the registration form: indicate which category your company belongs to (public, private or other), the name of the company, the address, the address of your website, the preferred municipalities and the contact details of the legal representative and the contact person.


To register as a student all you need to do is register on the portal, click on Register>Student and complete the form with the following fields: name and surname, date of birth, contact details, the year you are currently studying and the municipalities you are interested in.




To register as a graduate, simply complete the registration form by clicking on Register>Graduate. The following data must be provided: first and last name, date of birth, address, contact details and the selection of the municipality of your choice.

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