Description of the occupation

The Technician is able to examine the energy and environmental characteristics of a building system in order to define its current level of performance and to identify possible improvement interventions, evaluating their technical and economic feasibility.

Personal traits and competences

The EST has the following competences:

  • Fundamentals of energetics and applied climatology
  • Elements of chemistry and thermodynamics
  • Fundamentals of electrical engineering and automatic building control systems (BACS)
  • Renewable and non-renewable energy sources: characteristics, use, impact
  • Main construction technologies and civil systems (air conditioning, hydraulics, lighting)
  • Main passive technical construction solutions
  • Energy performance indicators of a building
  • Main energy evaluation and graphic processing software

Technical knowledge and skills

Upon graduating, the EST is able to:

Employment prospects

With a bright future ahead, the renewables sector has no shortage of excellent pathways for jobseekers looking to enter the clean energy market.

Working conditions

The Energy systems technician works both in the office and in the field with functional technical inspections to examine the energy and environmental characteristics of a system/building/plant. The use of software tools for the proper performance of the work, and the adoption and compliance with health and safety standards during the necessary inspections, contribute to the creation of effective and safe working conditions.


Not required.

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