Description of the occupation

The Multimedia Graphic Designer possesses the skills to create and refine graphic elements for multimedia offerings, while continuously refreshing and updating the content.

Personal traits and competences

Graphic designers need to be creative thinkers. They have to creatively convey ideas through text and images. They have to generate solutions for their clients through creative means. Among the other traits, we could mention:

  • Consistency
  • Problem-solving
  • Always learning
  • Able to take criticism
  • Patience
  • The MGD is competent in: Principles of multimedia communication; Characteristics and functionality of services and web based applications
  • Features and specifications of computer graphics and animation software
  • Image processing techniques and digital photographs
  • The hypertext language and its evolutions
  • Basic characteristics and functions of internet connections (ADSL, dial up, etc.)
  • Functionality of the most popular browsers: access to search engines, playback of audio and video files, file transfer, etc.
  • Logical structuring techniques of web page contents (headers, menus, footers, etc.)
  • Main issues related to the publication, management and updating of websites
  • Technical English for the sector
  • Rules and provisions to protect the safety of the working environment

Technical knowledge and skills

Upon graduating, the MGD is able to:

Employment prospects

Employment of graphic designers is projected to grow constantly in the next decade. In general, graphic designers have three work possibilities when it comes to employment: freelance, In-house or agency.

Working conditions

The multimedia graphic designer tends to work indoors in a studio where s/he has access to computers and relevant software. Some multimedia graphic designers work independently, whereas others work within a design team. Positions related to this occupation profile require important team working skills, as collaborations with colleagues and clients is often necessary. Multimedia graphic designers work normally on projects, which means that their schedules depend on project-specific deadlines and workloads.


Not required.

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