Description of the occupation

The Sales Technician is able to create action plans – sales oriented to result objectives and performance standards. This involves managing and concluding commercial negotiations in compliance with both the strategic conditions set forth by the company. Their role ensures the maximum satisfaction of the customer, fostering loyalty and a strong business relationship.

In addition to this, the Sales Technician also provides assistance with the operations of collection and control of the relative payments. Their scope of work not only involves the strategic selling process but also extends to overseeing critical financial aspects, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction process.

Personal traits and competences

The personality of a sales technician does matter, but not necessarily in the way most people would assume. According to Sales Hacker, the top traits of most successful sales people actually include an upbeat personality, passion, creativity, and empathy The sales technician has the following competences:

  • Types, segmentations, and market dynamics and product distribution channels
  • Methods and tools for planning and organizing work
  • Company forms and application software in use, for the preparation of administrative and reporting documents
  • Technical English for the sector
  • Rules and provisions to protect the safety of the working environment
  • Techniques of interpretation and analysis of risk and growth factors, current trends, logics of change in the reference market
  • Basic elements of operational marketing: promotional and advertising activities, etc.
  • Sales techniques, communication and interview management, persuasive argumentation
  • Product display techniques (display) and sales surface organization (layout)
  • Elements of labor contracts, social security and insurance
  • Customer care and satisfaction models and customer loyalty techniques
  • Elements of commercial law and tax legislation
  • Technical-functional characteristics and types of products/services, object of the commercial negotiation.

Technical knowledge and skills

Upon graduating, the ST is able to:

Employment prospects

Initially you’re expected to gain experience in your field, develop product or service knowledge and build your reputation in technical sales. Once established as a technical sales engineer, you will have the option of:

  • Staying in the sales field, which may offer a high salary and attractive benefits package
  • Moving into a managerial role and climbing the management ladder
  • Moving into other related areas, such as technical marketing or product development and research
  • Opting for self-employment, contracting to sell products or services for several companies.

Working conditions

The Sales Technician operates in the office environment.

S/He intervenes with autonomy, within the established action framework and the assigned specifications, contributing to the supervision of the commercial distribution process through participation in the identification of resources, monitoring, and evaluation of the result, the implementation of continuous improvement procedures, with responsibility for the supervision of executive activities carried out by others.

Working conditions depend on an effective planning of sales actions in terms of:

  • Definition of the structure of the work plans
  • Organization of deliveries and identification of priorities for action in view of increased profit opportunities and distance travelled in terms of geographical proximity
  • Recognition of the different types of business of the clients, forming part of the assigned portfolio
  • Detection of feedback in terms of product/service, from customers, to be translated into technical and functional solutions.


Not required.

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