Description of the occupation

The technician specializing in tourism marketing possesses the capability to scrutinize the tourism market. They can craft services tailored to the determined demand that has been identified, formulate promotional strategies, and devise communication as well as marketing blueprints.

Personal traits and competences

The ideal traits of the TMT are; well-developed communication skills, good self-organization and attention to detail; strong focus on sales; high interest in different cultures and specialistic knowledge of the main touristic destinations.

TMT is competent in:

  • Basic elements of tourist geography
  • Basic elements of statistics and economics
  • The tourism market and its trends
  • The rules of national, community, and regional tourism law
  • Tourism policies and strategies: new trends
  • Market analysis and research techniques: variables to be surveyed, sources, tools, etc.
  • Methodologies and techniques for processing the collected data
  • How to define a target user Uses and customs of potential reference targets
  • The levers of the marketing mix (brand management, pricing policies and revenue management, distribution and communication)
  • Tourism marketing methodologies and tools
  • Rules and provisions to protect the safety of the working environment
  • Marketing techniques
  • Techniques for designing and implementing work plans and programs
  • Operation of the main online booking tools
  • Search engines
  • Social networks
  • The rules of e-commerce
  • Relational communication techniques
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Tools and languages of web communication and web marketing
  • Advertising communication techniques
  • Web marketing applied to the tourism sector

Technical knowledge and skills

Upon graduating, the TMT is able to:

Employment prospects

The tourism industry is rapidly growing and jobs in tourism management are becoming highly sought after. Working in this sector will offer a huge range of interesting roles, such as meeting new people and the opportunity to travel. As a qualified tourism technician, you can work in a variety of jobs that are related to the tourist industry. Some of these are:

Working conditions

The tourism marketing technician needs to have solid analytical and practical skills in order to understand the needs, strengths, and weaknesses of the local tourism sector. S/he may need to analyse the local tourism industry through desk, market, and observational research as well as gathering and analysing relevant data. Positions related to this occupational profile are likely to require flexibility to adapt quickly to new circumstances.


Not required.

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