for Graduates

Through the national Career Hub of the AppInterN online portal, the graduates can find more information about their chosen occupation and develop contacts with established professionals in the same occupational sector before they start looking for a job in the labour market.

These important contacts and the graduates’ direct communication with established professionals will help the former address more easily the challenges they may encounter in their effort to be integrated into the labour market. Moreover, those living in geographically remote areas will particularly benefit from registering on the Career Hub of the AppInterN portal, due to its online component.

Indeed, the graduates can gain significant advantages by becoming members of the AppInterN community, both in terms of their integration into the labour market and in terms of their acquaintance with the network of professionals in the occupational sector of their choice. Starting from a local level, they will later be able to select employers from a wider geographical area, possibly even from the whole country.

Registered users can access the databases they are interested in, while the general public can access general information (description of occupations, general information, news, etc.) on various occupational specialties.

Unemployed graduates will have easier access to labour market information thanks to the support of the participating Business Ambassadors, but also to the jobs offered by the participating employers.

Further, the participation of Municipalities in the AppInterN community is of particularly great importance, as they will help graduates come into contact with businesses in their region.

Finally, the national Career Hub of the AppInterN online portal facilitates the graduates’ job search through the relevant databases and helps enhance their skills through the organisation of various workshops, seminars, presentations, etc.

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