Culinary Expert

Job Description

The main function of this employment is to elaborate meals and dishes for the clients of restaurants and hotels.

The skills needed for this occupation are good organizational capacity combined with multitasking skills, the ability to work effectively in teams as well as the power to deal with stressful situations, and above all, to have culinary expertise and knowledge on how to combine ingredients.

Concerning the working conditions most of the cooks work full-time with an established schedule. The salary is directly connected to the prestige of the establishment and the cook’s expertise. The contracts tend to be regular, it has a high rate of continuity, but in many cases they are seasonal.

Necessary training and employment licenses

The employment licence needed to become a cook is the Food Hygiene Certificate, which you obtain after taking courses and programs about cooking. For this occupation, it is elementary to continuously improve your cuisine knowledge and obtain more experience through different courses.

There are other specific licences available, but they are not compulsory. Even so, it is highly recommended to acquire the driving license. Moreover, it is also recommended to course an education cycle in Hostelry, Gastronomy or Services in Restauration. Furthermore, there are specific courses such as international cooking, baking, fishes, meats, etc; that are always useful and taken into consideration.

Labour market’s state-of-play and future prospects

The actual state of this labour market is characterized by a high percentage of employability (mainly in restaurants, rather than in hotels). This sector is highly relevant from an economic point of view; thus employment is projected to increase further in the coming years. Regarding the salaries, they remain conditioned by the prestige of the restaurant or hotel and the level of studies of the cooks. 

EQF level

Culinary Expert is under the EQF level 3 category.

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