Health Emergency Technician/First Aid Technician

Job Description

A First Aid technician is responsible for the first and most immediate assistance of a patient before the patient is attended to in a Health center or with other health professionals.

The main tasks a First Aid technician has to develop are:

  • protection of the patient and the patient’s surroundings
  • alerting the health emergency


The required skills for this employment are fast thinking and the ability to find quick solutions during situations of emergency, the capacity to maintain calmness in situations of stress and risk, and last but not least, the ability to empathize without engaging personally with the patients.

Concerning the working conditions, the employment is normally full-time, and the salary can vary depending on the convention of the contract, the position, and the responsibilities of the working staff.

Necessary training and employment licenses

There are no specific required training or employment licenses for this occupation, with a medium-level training program you can enter the labor market or keep studying and specialising in a specific health area (baccalaureate of the advanced-level training program).

Labour market’s state-of-play and future prospects

This job has a good prospect thanks to the -growing- importance of the “care economy” and the shift towards the prevention of medical pathologies instead of following the usual path of the medicine academy, which tends to focus more on treating a problem when it already exists.

EQF level

Health emergency technician/first aid technician is under the EQF level 4 category.

List of Apprenticeship/VET Schools in Spain which provide education and/or training

  • Institut La Guineueta, Barcelona, CAT (CFGM d’Emergències sanitàries o bé, CFGM de Cures auxiliars d’infermeria)
  • JOVIAT FPI, Manresa, CAT (Cicle Formatiu Grau Mitjà Emergències Sanitàries) *Formato online y a distancia*
  • Institut d’Educació Secundària (IES) de Vic (FP Emergències Sanitàries)
  • Institut d’Educació Secundària (IES) Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia (FP Emergències Sanitàries)

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