Industrial Maintenance Technician

Job Description

The main function of this employment is to maintain and verify the correct functioning of the industrial machinery as well as to monitor the processes developed in the execution of industrial activities.  An industrial maintenance technician is expected to reduce and take care of possible breakdowns and increase the functioning time and reliability of the industrial machinery.

The required skills are good practical abilities, the domain of manual work, and knowledge of fixing industrial machinery. It is also important to be observative to identify and predict the possible problems of industrial machinery.

Concerning the working conditions, most job offers have long schedules that have rotatory shifts, and it is normal to work during the weekend. It is a sector with high continuity rates regarding contracts. Due to the unpredictability of industrial machinery issues, work schedules tend to be flexible. Another condition for this job is the high labour risk.

Necessary training and employment licenses

The necessary training is a higher degree in Industrial Equipment Maintaining or a university degree in Industrial Engineering (and optionally specializing in a concrete area by coursing postgraduate studies). In general terms, there are no specific licenses needed to work as an industrial maintenance technician, although there may be concrete specializations or machine usage that can require a specific license.

Labour market’s state-of-play and future prospects

The rate of employability in this market is high. It is one of the most demanded occupations in the last few years, in Spain. Due to the importance of the industrial sector in the market as well as the continuous maintenance that industrial processes require, the prospects for this employment are elevated.

But as time advances, the requirements in terms of qualifications and experience will change because of the constant changes and innovation of the sector. Even so, the automatization of maintenance processes is a threat to the future of this occupation, but an advance for working conditions and security.

EQF level

Industrial maintenance technician is under the EQF level 4 category.

List of Apprenticeship/VET Schools in Spain which provide education and/or training

  • Instituto de Formación Profesional Mendizábala
  • Institut d’Educació Secundaria (IES) Anna Gironella de Mundet
  • Institut d’Educació Secundaria (IES) Milà i Fontanals
  • Instituto de Educación Secundaria (IES) Politécnico

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