Nurse Assistant

Job Description

The main function of this employment is to execute and develop commercial action plans to promote touristic products and services. In small organizations, this occupation may be helpful in the administration and management areas.

The needed skills for this employment are communicative and persuasive abilities. A good capacity for interaction with clients is also important. Knowledge of different languages is always useful and valued.

Regarding the working conditions, the salary normally increases after years of experience. In terms of working hours, almost all positions offer full-time work. Hiring tends to be indefinite, and in-house training is usually offered. The demand for this occupation is concentrated in the coastal zones and city capitals.

Necessary training and employment licenses

This occupation is characterized and conditioned by the need to qualify, as it is a regulated profession. Thus, the required training for this occupation is to course an average degree in Auxiliary Nursing Care.
It is also valuable to have specific training in a particular field and to have training in occupational therapy

Labour market’s state-of-play and future prospects

It is a profession with a strong presence and future in the labor market. The employability rates in this sector have been and still are very high, especially after the Covid pandemic. It gives access to a very wide field of work. Specifically, it is possible to work in health centers, hospitals, and private clinics, as well as in social and community work centers. Due to the pandemic, the workload has been extremely elevated, and normally, contracts after the Covid Crisis are full-time and have rotatory shifts.

EQF level

Nurse assistant is under the EQF level 4 category.


List of Apprenticeship/VET Schools in Spain which provide education and/or training

  • Instituto de Educacion Secundaria Antonio Machado
  • IFP- Innovación en Formación Profesional
  • Jesuites Bellvitge- Centre d’Estudis Joan XXIII
  • Instituto de Educación Secundaria Cantabria
  • Institut d’Educació Secundaria Eugeni d’Ors

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