Professionalism Certificate (Grade C)

Vocational Education

Certificates of professionalism serve as official documents that validate professional competences, ensuring that individuals who acquire them possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and aptitudes to engage in work activities aligned with the labour market requirements. These certificates hold official status and are universally recognized across the national territory.

Each certificate of professionalism accredits a professional qualification of the National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications although, exceptionally, there may be certificates that accredit only a part of the qualification.

Every certificate of professionalism incorporates a practical training module that takes place within a real work environment. Successfully completing this practical training module is a vital requirement for obtaining the certificate of professionalism, although there is a possibility of being exempted from this module under certain circumstances.

Its purpose is to respond flexibly to people’s interests, expectations and aspirations for qualification throughout their lives. Combining school and business, it places the individual at the center of the system, thereby facilitating lifelong learning opportunities for all members of society.

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