Personal Técnico De Energia Renovable

Descripción del puesto

The main tasks a renewable energy technician must develop are maintenance of the renewable energy parks, management of their operating systems, and analysis of the work infrastructure to propose improvements that relate to the obtention of renewable energy.

The required skills to work as a renewable energy technician are previous knowledge and abilities in mechanics, organizational capacity, and a good understanding of renewable energy-obtaining processes.

Concerning the working conditions, most jobs are full-time and tend to require a high mobility rate (to the emplacement of renewable energy parks). The salary depends on different factors such as the position or the company. However, job prospects are very good.

Formación necesaria y licencias de empleo

The required training to become a Renewable Energy Technician is an average or higher degree in Renewable Energy, Mechanic Engineering, Electric Engineering, Energy, or Ambiental Engineering. After this elementary training, it is useful to course postgraduate studies and specialize in a specific area of renewable energies.

Estado del mercado laboral y prospección de futuro

Even though it is a dynamic market, employability is high, especially in the sectors of photovoltaic solar energy, wind parks, and hydroelectric energy. However, it normally depends on the type of energy developed in the specific territory. The prospects keep up the increase of investment (especially due to the growing interest in green and clean energies) so it is expected to maintain and even rise the employability rates of this sector. Employment in the renewable energy sector has grown globally despite the pandemic and will continue to do so.

Nivel EQF

Renewable energy technician is under the EQF level 5 category.

Lista de Centros de Aprendizaje/FP que proporcionan educación y/o formación

  • Escola Professional Salesiana
  • Escola del Treball de Lleida
  • Centro integrado de F.P Aguas Nuevas
  • Instutito de educación secundaria Consaburum

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